21 Wishes

Sweet little creature open your eyes and take in a deep breath. Relax your arms. The journey of life is going to be complicated, wonderful, and filled with so many memories but don’t worry you’re not going to be alone.
For there will be seven billion beings passing by. They may sound like you, look like you, or even share the same color of skin…but you. Every single atom that makes up who you are is just unique.
Walk tall and proud little one.
Walk tall and proud.

  1. Fix the “unspoken” problems between my mom and I.
  2. I need to tell my best friends how much I truly care about them.
  3. Keep on writing stories! Getting closer into finishing the series. Hopefully publishing.
  4. I hope to meet my idols who has helped me laugh and motivate myself while I wanted to disappear.
  5. Become an incredible photographer and showcase the beauty of this lovely planet.
  6. Go big on your ideas. Make it happen.
  7. I need to fix and take better control/ care of my mental health.
  8. It is okay to have bad days.
  9. Become a better daughter.
  10. Hoping to travel to national parks and see more of basically everything!
  11. Have good health.
  12. Live. A. Little
  13. Learn from my trauma and finally letting go.
  14. Meet so many people. Don’t be afraid to open up.
  15. Speak up and stand your ground. Learn to say “no.”
  16. Become more independent. Help my family when it’s necessary.
  17. Come down from the clouds from time to time and enjoy what’s in front of you.
  18. Hold onto your memories. Cherish everyday.
  19. Forgive yourself.
  20. You are an incredible writer and person. Your family and friends care about you. Don’t forget it.
  21. You’re doing the best you can. I’m so proud of you.

Now understand that this list will not be completed all at once. Some wishes are going to take so much time, which is fine by me.
Take care! And cheers to my 21st birthday!