The ability to stop time would be an amazing opportunity to hold. Whilst it could be a painful thing to put yourself through.

While you can give yourself the chance to be in a moment for as long as you wish can literally be fucken painful-well, I think it would be. You can give yourself closure with a lost loved one just to see them one last time. Maybe

There are so many memories I would wish I could relive at least one last time, but due to the laws of nature or something like that. Something like this will not be possible-well, maybe not in this lifetime, I assume.

I wish to relive the time where I felt truly loved. I wish to relive the time where I wasn’t paranoid, but feeling nothing but happy and content. I wish to relive a time where I was with my best friends before we realized it would be our last time spending the day together because life will find it’s way to take us through different paths.

A time where the feeling of hurt was nonexistent, where there wasn’t a single care in the world.

Honestly, who knows what time or age that would be, but for now the place where my head’s at it’s alright. Can’t complain. As long as I believe everything will fall into place then maybe, just maybe things might will.

Take care!


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