Getting Away

Hello! How’s it going, everyone! I hope you’re all doing wonderful on this fine day.

Let me tell you about what I have been up to lately.

About a week ago I’ve been spending my vacation with my sister here in Seaside, CA however, the reason I came all the way over here was that I needed a break. This past summer-even last few week has been a little more stressful than I could handle. I mean work is work so it’s going to be stressful either way, but I guess the pressure has gotten to the point where I needed to go away for a few days.

Which led me to fly out here!

Honestly, everything has been great! My older sister and I had gotten the chance to catch up on the latest gossip, watch some movies together, go hiking/ sight-seeing/ shopping. It’s been a little while since my sister and I had the chance to chat about random things and I’ve really missed that.

Seaside is absolutely beautiful! From the high sand dunes to the cute little succulents there is nothing compared to the ocean side. I don’t know what it is but there is something about the beach that is just so refreshing.

Anyway! I went to my first Renaissance Faire, it was absolutely incredible. Although out was a nice warm sunny day I had loads of fun seeing everything it had to offer. I didn’t take many photos of the event, but maybe sometime next year I can come out from my shell ask for photos of people’s outfits.

Even then who knows if I’ll get the motivation to dress up!

The other day, we all took a trolley to the wonderful Monterey Bay Aquarium!

I’ve heard so meant great things about it that I have been dying to explore every part of the aquarium. I really admire how they are encouraging people, locals, tourists, etc. To keep our oceans clean whilst learning what we as a community can do to reduce or carbon footprint.

I find it so amazing that more and more people are actually doing these types of presentations to educate children at thisearly stage in their lives. From this, children can take the information they learn to do some good in this world as they continue to grow.

Hopefully next time around I’ll get myself a cute stuffed otter.

Before we knew it, it was finally time for me to come back home. My sister took me back to the Old Fisherman’s Wharfone last time before my flight. We walked through the alley looking sy their cute little shops. Ate some delicious fish and chips that I wish I could have brought with me.

I will miss spending time with my sister while not stressing about work or my other problems. Though I am happy that I got the chance to even come!

Things I love right now:

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