Sleep Well

Let’s enjoy the night.

Whether you are putting your child down to bed, or curling up beside your significant other, or cuddling close with your pet-I’d ask to take a moment for yourself.

Before you shut your eyes let’s find out what your mind is up to today. Reflect on how did you get here (do you have 90 minutes?), who helped you/encouraged you/ supported you throughout this journey to get to where you are. Is this what you want? Is this is “the thing” you’ve been dreaming of?

Whether you are living in your home town or somewhere far away think about this: Are you happy with what you have right now? Are you happy with who you are sharing your life with? What is holding you down? Are they holding you down? Is this part of “God’s plan?”

Now, what exactly is “forcing” your mind to come up with these demented thoughts?

Let your eyes wander around the room or environment you’re currently in. Is this the place to be?

Enjoy tonight.

Put your hand on your chest. Feel the warmth of your body, count each beat of your heart. Don’t be anxious. You’re okay.

Feeling alive, yet? Aware of your own existence? Some of us are not going to wake up the next morning.

Some. But you certainly will. The reason for that is because this is the path you’re choosing to take. Dance all you want, love everything you have, sing until your throat is sore, and breathe like it might be your last.

Little darlin’ here comes the sun.

Take care!


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