When You Feel Uneasy

It is currently almost midnight as I am writing this. It was such a long day and I’m so exhausted. Although there were some ups and downs throughout the day I wanted to finally rest, but my mind is so awake I just can’t sleep. That is when I went onto YouTube and searched for KickthePJ’s video comforting things to hear when you’re feeling uneasy that inspired what I have for you tonight.

Here are some comforting things to know when you are feeling a little down.

The sound of passing cars at night whilst you wind down for bed.

Feeling the cool breeze brush against your skin on a hot summer night.

Your back getting the sense of relief once you finally lay down on your cozy bed or couch.

The smell of the earth after a rainstorm.

Listening to Sleeping At Last whilst sleeping. (Just a personal favorite).

Problems from today are now put to bed and are left in the past. Sometimes it’s how it should be.

Feeling the warmth of a cup of hot chocolate on a freezing winter morning.

A motherly hug.

The sound of the bass boom through your earphones/ headphones.

The smell of clean laundry.

Looking at the stars on a blissful night.

Raindrops tricking down your window.

The low rumbling of thunder.

Hearing the snow crunch underneath your boots.

Sunbathing underneath the sun.

Watching every horror movie with some friends (or alone) during Halloween.

Hearing the chords of a ukelele.

Coming home to hug your pets after a long day.

Looking through old childhood belongings.

The satisfying feeling after an awesome work out.

Watching the world pass by from inside the airplane.

Taking a mental day off to just treat yourself with something nice.

Smelling a freshly brewed cup of coffee from the kitchen early in the morning.

Take care!


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