Keep Writing

I used to think that every story has already been told.

Every writer, artist, musician, etc. is their own worst critic. Sometimes we hate our work then sometimes we think we have created the greatest thing ever. Although there are times when I think I can’t write even write a decent book I then realize that my stories are unique.

Whether someone has written it better than I have these stories are mine. They will always be there to make me feel like I have accomplished something.

Not everyone is going to love it I am aware of that. But I do know that there will be someone who is going to be willing to listen to my story. And if by some godforsaken miracle someone might actually like my stories.

My grammar is pretty bad. My vocabulary isn’t as big as some people. I have so many punctuation errors in my text, but I am willing to learn how to become better. Teach yourself how to become the writer you know you can be.

To every author out there! Don’t stop writing! Even though it may seem like it won’t go anywhere or it seems like pure shit. Just keep going until you find your passion again that will motivate you to find that perfect ending your characters or storyline desire.

Take care!


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