Diving Into The Lyrics

Everyone at this point should know how much I completely adore the works of Ryan O’Neal or better known as Sleeping At Last! From the beautiful sounds of the ukulele to the soft keys of the piano every song has brought me nothing but peace and so much damn joy.

Also! A while ago I made an appreciation blogpost about this artist so go check it out if you’d like. Anyway, this time I decided to break down some of the lyrics in some of my favorite songs and give you my opinions on what they might mean to me, my thoughts while listening to that, etc.

So, let’s just jump right into it!


How rare and beautiful it is to even exist […]

Humans. Such interesting creatures barely learning to walk, communicate, and make something out of themselves. Brilliant minds creating ideas to help one another live a good life whilst finding ways to entertain each other.

Humanity yet has so much to improve on. This world is becoming more dangerous than before we can’t leave this world knowing our children aren’t going to be safe. We must do what we can to help each other heal and progress while we still can.

The circle of life is a magnificent thing from the moment a newborn is brought into this world until the final breaths of an elder we, as Humans have been blessed with being alive. No one knows why our species was created, but for now, we can enjoy being on this rare yet beautiful planet. Socializing with one another whilst spending some quality time on our own.

Listening to this song alone brings me so much hope and happiness because of how much meaning there is to it.


With every heartbeat I have left I’ll defend your every breath.

‘Cos you are loved, you are loved more than you know

I hereby pledge all of my days to prove it so […]

Personally, I like to interpret this song is thinking this was about a love for a child.

The love a parent would give to their child is truly marvelous and heartwarming. Because all of the compassion, support, and nurture they receive from you shapes them into becoming a great human.

I, personally know so many parents who do their very best to raise their child whilst dealing with difficult problems. I believe that every child should know how truly loved they are! Because although some aren’t given that feeling on a daily basis those children should know that they are destined for marvelous things.



You spend your whole life just to remember the sound

When the world was brighter before we learned to dim it down

Call it survival, call it the freedom of will

Where breath is our own, our compass needle stands still

Ah. If I could I would listen to this song every night as I fall asleep. So peaceful, so perfect. The ukulele strumming has to be one of my favorite parts of the entire song it brings me nothing but nostalgia (not sure why but it does).

The title alone shows me memories of my childhood. Now that I am a little older it has been getting pretty hard to recall some of the fondest moments of my childhood, which is honestly quite sad. I miss being a little kid not having a care in the world, never worrying about what bills I have to pay, whether I’ll be late for work, or if I am ever going to figure out what I’m going to do with my life.

I hope that the youth cherish the life they have right now because life is too fucking short to want to become an adult. Adulting is fucking hard and stressful, but we’re trying.



I am happy, I am thankful and I am proud

Said with a smile for the cameras at the countdown

But if I’m honest, I am seconds from breaking down

As you orbit, gravity throws me to the ground

From what I can interpret from looking at the lyrics is that there are some people who put on a happy face for the media, but of course, sometimes we don’t want everyone to see what we’ve truly been feeling. Most of us create this character to share with the world showing the greatest moments, happy times, exciting adventures they’re going on, etc.

Though nobody really knows what’s happening behind the scenes. Some of us are depressed, anxious, sick, and alone. So instead of hating each other for who we want to be let’s start healing each other.

Of course, we will end this one with the glorious song from the film The Twilight Saga this is “Turning Page“!!!

If I had only felt the warmth within your touch

If I had only seen how you smile when you blush

Or how you curl your lip when you concentrate enough

Well I would have known

What I was living for all along

What I’ve been living for.

Your love is my turning page

Where only the sweetest words remain. […]

This one. This is the fucking song I want to be played at my wedding! Oh my God, I can not explain to you how many times this song has made me wept whilst watching the film.

To my future husband, I’m sorry but this will be THE song for our wedding! Ha. Anyway, this beautiful love song can bring any couple together to reminisce memories they made together. Love is messy, love is kind, love was made to heal and understand one another.

From that moment on is when I fell in love with Sleeping At Last.

Take care!


Songs I love right now!!!

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